Everyone that knows me, knows that winter is my favorite time of year! When I lived in Hawaii, it was something I often thought about and missed. How I would play in the snow, lay in it and always build with it. I remember as a child grabbing the largest plastic tub in the house and then filling it with snow to make a solid brick. I would place the bricks strategically on the prepared snow swept ground, which I flattened to the perfect plane to build onto. Then I would build on top of each brick as high as I could reach. When I was finished, I sat there, feeling the cold ground through my snow pants, admiring this beautiful wall surronding me and oddly feeling a sense of comfort.

Then is when I learned that whatever I put my mind to, I would find comfort in that accomplishment. This feeling motivates me as a photographer. To do the best I can and then sit back to admire my clients smiles and their family’s enjoyment in every shot.

Rest in comfort knowing that I will be giving you the best of me during your sessions.