Go Ape!!! | Williamsburg, VA family photographer

My parents have both been retired since the beginning of this school year. After all, they were both teachers. So since they aren’t tied to a daily routine, they are living on the wild side now 😉 Spontaneous trips seems to have been their theme so far. That is exactly how it happened… Thursday afternoon I received a call from Dad. He was enjoying his time in the car while mom was shopping at an estate sale (this is a common time I receive calls from dad). So he “just wanted to know” what we would think if they decided to come to Virginia for a week. “Sure (is my obvious reply) When?” “Well, we were thinking about heading on the road after this estate sale. We were thinking about being Spontaneous.” Spontaneous is an understatement for my parents in Chicago, IL.


It was great to have them come and spend time with us! Wish the kids were out of school. But their spring break starts next week. But today I pulled them out, so we could enjoy the last day with them. What a Treat… Go Ape!! Amazing zip line course here in Williamsburg. The kids haven’t stopped talking about it. Love you SPONTANEOUS Mom & Dad!!


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