Kids | Williamsburg,VA photographer

So while visiting the family for the holidays, we spent some time at the roller rink. This was the first time the kids have ever roller skated. Since it was the holidays, the rink was pretty empty when we arrived. My oldest give it a try and quickly quit because of frustration. After I explained that there may be a day that he is invited to a birthday party at a roller rink, that this would have been the best opportunity for him to learn (and fall down) while there was no one around. After 5 minutes, he decided to give it another chance. By the end of the day all three were doing very well. I am proud that they didn’t give up, and I think enjoyed it.

Then we spent the day with my friends and their kids. On the way, I saw this old abandoned farmhouse. I announced to the kids to be ready for some photos when we were heading home. Really loved this location. But the wind made it a short session =D

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