Rohan Sebastian Christopher Stanley | Williamsburg, VA Birth Photographer

What an amazing young man. He wanted to wait till he was as big as possible to take on this crazy world. Let me introduce you to Rohan. Special little guy. He is honored to becoming the final member of the Stanley family. It just wasn’t complete without him. Since this was his mothers 3rd child, he was sure to make a quick appearance, even though it was completely on his terms. After mommy being dilated to 4cm for several weeks, he decided Friday the 13th was the best joke to play. She arrived around 3am at the hospital and was dilated to 8cm. Less then 2 hrs later, Rohan was born. I still insist that his name should be pronounced with a rolled tongue “Rrrrr” like I was taught in spanish class. He was 10lbs 3.6oz and 22 1/4 inches long. A practical joker he is!! Congrats Stanley family!


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